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At Bright Dental care, we are proud to present our own in house Ceramic studio, with CEREC® this advanced system can quickly restore damaged teeth, using permanent natural-coloured ceramic restorations.


What is CEREC®?

CEREC® is a dental restoration procedure that allows dentists to produce ceramic dental restorations using 3D scanning, CEREC® allows the dentist to produce a new crown, veneer, onlay or inlay, and bridges within an hour – a procedure that would normally take more than two weeks.

No return visits

Instead of the traditional method is using dental impressions, CEREC® creates a detailed 3D model of the tooth using a high sensitive camera. Once this has been created, it is sent to our milling machine which fabricates the tooth from a ceramic block – a process with can take anywhere from 6 to 30 minutes. The CEREC® systems has reduced the time required to fit a crown from 2 weeks to under 2 hours!

All in one day

Imagine a new, beautiful crown to disguise a chipped tooth that matches your smile and all in one day! No temporaries, no return visits and fewer injections, what’s not to love about CEREC® One Visit Dentistry?!

Your dental health is our number one priority

We look forward to meeting you

We understand that some patients are nervous but can assure you that our team are here to help. We will listen to your concerns and requirements and do everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We believe that people should have healthy mouths and attractive teeth for a lifetime, the prevention of dental and gum disease is far less costly than the repeated cycle of breakdown and repair.

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