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IStock 1311280330Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth to a better position to improve the appearance, function and general health of your mouth. Various appliances are used to apply gentle forces and treat a range of issues including protruding, crooked, crowded, twisted or overly spaced teeth, as well as malocclusions (upper and lower teeth not biting together properly).

Orthodontic appliances include:

Fixed braces – these consist of metal brackets that are attached to the front surface of the teeth and thin metal wires held in place with elastics. More discreet fixed braces are also available which have ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires to blend in with your teeth.

Invisible braces – these include removable, clear aligners that are changed every two weeks and gradually move teeth to their desired position. There are also braces that are fixed to the inside (lingual) surface of the teeth and work in a similar way to traditional braces but far more discreetly.

Short term solutions – faster-acting fixed braces use advanced technology to quickly straighten just those front teeth that show when you smile and results can be seen in as little as six months. Another short term solution is a custom-made aligner with spring and thin bar that uses a combination of pushing and pulling to move the front teeth into an improved position in just 8-16 weeks.


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