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Dental Hygiene

Most of the population suffers from some form of gum disease, and it is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. However, it can be controlled with a little effort from yourself and guidance from a Dental hygienist.


What is oral hygiene (cleaning)?

Oral hygiene (cleaning) is the practice of keeping the mouth clean and is considered to be the best means of prevention of cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, periodontitis, and other dental disorders. It can also help you to prevent bad breath (halitosis). This treatment is necessary for all persons to maintain good healthy teeth and mouth. Healthy teeth have fewer cavities. They are clean and have minimal or no plaque deposits. Healthy gums are pink and firm.


Gum Disease

Gum disease is generally painless and considerable damage can occur before you realise you have a problem. One of the initial signs, bleeding gums, often encourages people to steer clear of those areas. This is the opposite of what should be done, which is a thorough cleaning of the area, which may cause more bleeding. Regular hygiene visits will identify areas that need attention and we will recommend the right tools to do the job.

The formation of plaque is continuous and its growth cannot be stopped. Whilst brushing controls plaque formation around the surfaces of your teeth, it does not reach between your teeth and that’s why interdental brushing once a day is so crucial.

As a result of improved oral hygiene and fluoride, more people are keeping their own teeth into old age but in order to continue to maintain healthy teeth and gums, a regime of brushing combined with interdental brushing – cleaning between the teeth.

Cleaning between your teeth is made possible by the use of the following:

  • Dental floss
  • Fossetts
  • Interdental brushes
  • Single tuft toothbrushes

Consult your dentist and hygienist to learn more about the right method of interdental brushing for you.


Hygienist for Children

It is also great for children to see the hygienist we believe prevention is better than cure, and that it is essential for young people to understand how important it is to have good oral hygiene habits.  Your Dentist would inform you if they think your child would benefit from seeing our hygienist.

We can also provide preventive measures for children. Fluoride varnish applications and fissure sealing the adult back teeth as they come through provide protection from decay to teeth when they first come through. These simple non-invasive treatments are a good introduction to dentistry for children.

At Bright Dental Care, We provide high-quality dental treatments at an affordable price. Every part of your visit is guided and monitored to ensure you are happy with the results. While compromising on the price we offer,  we do not compromise on the quality of treatment you receive. This is why we are the best and most reliable dental practice in Essex.

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Your dental health is our number one priority

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We understand that some patients are nervous but can assure you that our team are here to help. We will listen to your concerns and requirements and do everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We believe that people should have healthy mouths and attractive teeth for a lifetime, the prevention of dental and gum disease is far less costly than the repeated cycle of breakdown and repair.

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